With a few exceptions the acolyte remains unchanged.
Additional Proficiencies: If you are a val you gain proficiency with flintlocks.
Languages: You learn an additional language depending upon which pantheon your character served while in the church. Altharin (Pantheon of Man), Ssethric (Ssethric pantheon), or Eloran (Elorii pantheon)
Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.
Variant: The Temple Guard
Unlike most acolytes, you received only the most basic religious instruction. Instead, you were
chosen to be one of the elite guards which protect the interest and secrets of your given faith.
Skill Proficiencies: Instead of Religion, you gain proficiency in Athletics.

Literacy: Unless your scam involves literacy (such as a document forger) you are not literate.

Literacy: Unless your specialty requires literacy (such as blackmailer) you are not literate.

Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.
Variant: Courtesan
You know how to please those who come to you, be it with stimulating conversation or your practiced touch. Whether you worked as a “street-level” Larissan priestess with a courtesan guild, such as the Nine Sisters of Tender Mercy, or as a pampered companion of nobility, you now find yourself outside of that protective and pleasant environment. The reason for this is your own, but one thing is certain – silk pillows and scented water are not in your immediate future.
Feature: Cultured
Although you are no longer a courtesan you can easily fit in among the nobility, almost as if you were one of their own. And once you become familiar with the local power structure you find that although you do not possess the power of a noble, you do have their ear.

Folk Hero
Literacy: You are not literate.

Guild Artisan
Additional Proficiencies: If you are a val you gain proficiency with flintlocks.
Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.

Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.

Flintlock Permit: You gain the legal right to bear flintlock weapons and purchase blast powder, even if you are not a val.
Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.
Additional Proficiencies: You gain proficiency with flintlocks.
Variant: Patrician
As a noble of the Coryani Empire, you live a life of luxury far beyond that enjoyed by nobles of other nations. Yet such luxury comes with hidden costs; the Imperial Court is oft times deadlier than the bloodiest of battlefields. Feature: Instead of the Position of Privilege feature, you may select a single slave per the Retainers variant feature. This slave can perform mundane tasks for you, but they do not fight for you and will not follow you into obviously dangerous areas, such as dungeons.

Literacy: You are not literate.

Additional Proficiencies: If you are a val you gain proficiency with flintlocks.
Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.

Literacy: You gain literacy in your known languages.

Literacy: You are not literate.
Additional Proficiencies: If you are a val you gain proficiency with flintlocks.
Military Training: As a soldier you were trained in the use of specific weapons; if you do not possess proficiency in a weapon favored your nation’s military you gain proficiency with that weapon.
Nation Weapon
Almeric Gladius* or longsword
Altheria Scimitar
Coryani Empire Gladius or spear
Dwarven Enclaves Battleaxe or shortsword
Elorii Nations Longsword
Hinterlands Spear
League of Princes Shortsword
Milandir Longsword
Pirate Isles Cutlass*

Variant: Former Legionnaire
You served in the Legions of the Coryani Empire and are granted all the rights, privileges, and obligations of your association with the Legions. You have been branded with the symbol of your specific Legion on one arm and the tattoo of the Symbol of the Empire on the other.
Equipment: You gain the following equipment in place of any melee weapons or armor you may acquire. Ranged weapons granted though your class (if any) are not affected.
Melee weapons: gladius, dagger (pugio), and a spear. Armor: If you possess medium or heavy armor proficiency you start play with a suit of Lorica hamata (chain shirt). If you only possess light armor proficiency you start with a suit of lorica musculata (studded mail). you also start wuth a shield if you are proficient with them.

Starting Pack: Regardless of your class you gain a soldier’s kit.
Legion: Choose your legion. You have been branded with its symbol.

Some Known Legions
Legion of Avenging Thunder, Legion of Blazing Judgment, Legion of Heaven’s Blade, Legion of Honorable Accord, Legio Lex Talionis, Legion of Sweet Sorrow, Legion of the Defiant Shield, Legion of the Mighty Oak, Legion of the Reluctant Warrior, & Legion of the Watchful Hunter

Variant: Shining Patrol
The Shining Patrol is the armed forces of the Republic of Altheria and is made up of soldiers from every known nation in the east of Onara.
Writ of Ownership: You gain the legal right to bear flintlock weapons and purchase blast powder, even if you are not a val.

Variant: Veteran of the Wall
When the mountain range known as the Wall of the Gods fell, the dwarves of Tir Betoq constructed a giant wall of worked stone to keep the Infernal Horde from invading all the Known Lands. Through their efforts and the help of brave adventurers, the wall is now complete. You are one of the few who have stood watch on the massive rampart and helped repel endless incursions of the foul creatures. But very few have the fortitude to stand guard here for too long. You have done your duty – now it’s time to refresh your soul before you become one of the Tainted.
Skill Proficiencies: Instead of Intimidation you gain proficiency in Arcana.

Variant: Former Royal Marine
Milandir prides itself on its navy. Their ships are powerful enough to face down the black ships of Ymandragore (at least defensively), or chase down the pirates of the Northern Seas. You are proud to have once counted yourself amongst their number!
TooI Proficiencies: Instead of Vehicles (land) you gain proficiency in Vehicles (water).

Literacy: You are not literate.

New Backgrounds

Former Slave
Through guile, wit, or luck you have won your freedom. Maybe your master died and gave you your liberty with a small amount of coin, or maybe you were just smart enough to buy your own freedom. But unlike some, your will was never broken.
You begin your adventuring career with enough money to live modestly but securely for at least 10 days, left over from the money you had on hand when your freedom was secured.
Skill Proficiencies: Insight and one gained from your specialty
Tool Proficiencies: One type of tools of your choice.
Equipment: A dagger, a set of common clothes, a document showing your status as a freeman, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.
Literacy: Unless you are a tutor, you are not literate
Specialty: As a slave, you were called to fulfill a particular role in your owner’s household. Roll a d6 or choose from the options in the table below to determine your specialty.
D6 Specialty Skill
1 Laborer Athletics
2 Pleasure-slave Performance
3 Household slave Persuasion
4 Groom or horse slave Animal Handling
5 Artisan’s slave Any one tool proficiency
6 Tutor History
Feature: Secret Ways
As a slave, you were always seen but never acknowledged. To facilitate your invisibility, you became familiar with all the back ways into and out of your estate and how not to draw attention to yourself. When in situations where you are attempting to locate a means of ingress you know where to find the slave’s entrance if one exists. Additionally, you gain advantage on all rolls made with other slaves or similar individuals for information.
Suggested Characteristics
The lives of slaves are shaped by how they came to be in their bondage. Once freed, they are often driven to accomplish something with their freedom that they could not have previously attained. However, some—especially those who were abused during their slavery—come out of their bondage angry and wishing vengeance on those who had mistreated them.

D8 Personality Trait
1 Sometimes I still find myself unable or unwilling to take the initiative. Unless I’m told to do something, I will simply not do it.
2 I find it hard to trust; those with the widest smiles are sometimes the cruelest masters.
3 I have the habit of listening into everyone’s conversations. I’m a horrible gossip.
4 I have become callous to the most extreme social situations. In such a setting, nothing
makes me uncomfortable.
5 Now that I am free I revel in it, doing some things simply because I can.
6 I’m naive about many things.
7 I do not part with my possessions easily.
8 I keep my eyes down when dealing with anyone of a higher social standing; some habits are hard to break.

D6 Ideal
1 Cruel: I take joy in having power over others and make the most of every opportunity
to enforce my will.
2 Callus: I honestly don’t care about the plights of others. Life is hard and unfair, deal
with it.
3 Guilty: I left friends behind and I will do what I can to free them.
4 Compassionate: I can’t stand to see the suffering of innocents.
5 Retributive: Cruel slave masters need a taste of the whip and the longing for freedom.
6 Aspirational: I’m going to live a full life, a life of my own choosing.

D6 Bond
1 I was separated from my family when I was young and seek them out to this day.
2 I still respect my master and their family. Though I am free I still come by to visit and I find I am welcome.
3 I left someone I love behind and I will do what I can to buy their freedom.
4 I owe my freedom to another slave whose actions resulted in my freedom.
5 I was set free after my master’s death. In his will I was granted freedom and the curious trinket he always kept with him.
6 I witnessed something or know a secret, something my old master or his
associates would kill me for.

D6 Flaw
1 I’m filled with blind hate for the people who enslaved me.
2 I have no respect for those who willingly become slaves.
3 Even now, I still flinch from a raised hand.
4 I can’t stand the sight of a slave being treated badly.
5 I feel guilty when I find enjoyment in indulging myself.
6 I am selfish; now that I’m free the only person I look out for is myself.

Variant: Escaped Slave
You escaped your slavery through illegal means; maybe you simply escaped or maybe you killed your master or one of their guards. Regardless of how you escaped, you are now free, on the run, and always looking over your shoulder.

Additional Language: Choose a nation to which you escaped. You gain that nation’s language.
Equipment: A dagger, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp.
Additional Feature: Fugitive
Regardless of how you escaped, you may very well be arrested or even killed when in your nation of origin if your status as an escaped slave was ever discovered. Your old master or their family may or may not be actively looking for you depending on your method of departure.

Variant: Former Gladiator
You can still hear the roar of the crowd as they called out your name. The blood you spilled was for their pleasure and for your own freedom. Maybe you joined a ludi to pay off your debts, or maybe you were bought by a lanistae seeking to improve his stock. Nevertheless, you have won your freedom and are now master of your own destiny!
Skill Proficiencies: You may choose between Athletics or Acrobatics for your specialty proficiency
Feature: in lieu of the Secret Ways feature, you gain the By Popular Demand feature of the Entertainer Background.



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