Languages and National Skills

Common Languages Trees and Their AlphabetsThe

The "Tongues of Man"

Language Alphabet Typical speaker
Altherian Altherian

Spoken by Altherian & scholars Also referred as Ancient Imperial

Coryani, High Coryani Educated and Scholarly people of eastern and southern Onara
Coryani, Low Coryani The trade Language spoken by many of the people of eastern and southern Onara
Milandisian Coryani Dialect common to the people of Milandir
Cancerese Coryani Dialect common to the people of Canceri
Erdukene Altherin Nierites of the Northern Hinterlands
Khitani High Kihitani Educated/Scholarly people of the Khitani Empire
Auxunite Khitani Nomads that roam the wastes of the Unsealed Lands
Khitani Low Khitani Common people of the Khitani Empire
Yhing Hir Khitani Dialect common to the Yhing Hir

“The Tongues of the Serpent”

Ssethric Ssethric Ssethregorans
Eloran Ssethric Dialect common to the Elorii people
Ss'ressen Ssethric Dialect common to the Ss'ressen

“The Tongues of the Sky People”

Kio Kio Kio
Harnen Kio Dialect common to the Harns

“The Unique Tongues”

Infernal Infernal Infernals of Hell
Myrantian Myrantian Nobles of the Abbessian Dominion
Udor Udor Dwarves, Giants
Unden None Dialect common to the Undir, written in a local alphabet, usually Coryani or Kio
Ymandrake Ymandrake Ymandrakes

*Many other races, ancient and modern, have their own languages and alphabets; these are both numerous, and beyond the scope of this book

National Skills
With the exception of humans (who get their national skill as a bonus skill), during character creation, you may swap out one skill granted by your background with an appropriate national skill.

Nation Region Upper Class Lower Class
Coryani Empire      
  Annonica History Religion
  Balantica Nature Animal Handling
  Cafela Deception Sleight of Hand
  Illomia History Persuasion
  Salantis Religion History
  Valentia Insight Survival
Dwarven Enclaves      
  Encali Arcana Insight
  Nol Dappa Intimidation Survival
  Solanos Mor Religion Persuasion
  Tir Betoq Investigation Insight
Elorii Nations      
  Elonbe Religion Nature
  Entaris Persuasion Insight
Free City-States of Almeric      
  Moratavia History Persuasion
  Ulfia Nature Animal Handling
  Censure Insight Deception
  Erduk Religion Nature
  Nomad Athletics Animal Handling
  Pengik Peninsula Nature Survival
  Sicaris Persuasion Performance
  Eastmarch History Animal Handling
  Mil Takara Religion Survival
  Naeraanth Persuasion Insight
  Sulfur Marsh Athletics Survival
  Sylvania Nature Animal Handling
  Tralia Investigation Persuasion
Republic of Altheria   Arcana History

Languages and National Skills

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